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Make sure you have a petpet attached that you DONT mind losing.

First do all of your freebies

* Collect your interest at the Bank
* Free Giant Omelette - 1 piece a day
* Free Giant Jelly - 1 piece a day
* Geraptiku Deserted Tomb - Neopoints and Items
* Grumpy Old King - if you make him laugh you win an item and NP
* Coltzan's Shrine - pet stats, desert food, or dubloons
* Underwater Fishing - Items; You get better ones whilst your skill increases
* Fruit Machine - desert food and NP
* Mysterious Symol Hole
* Turmaculus
* Snowager (depending on the time - 6 to 7am, 2 to 3pm, 10 to 11pm) - misc items (plushies, Sratchcards, weapons, neggs, etc.)
* Tiki Tack Tombola - NP scary food, faeries, codestones, etc.
* Island Mystic - Get Avie if he mentions Kyrii
* 7-11 Food Court - Free Rice Ball
* Mirinda Stand - Free Mirinda
* Pepsi World - Free Pepsi
* Money Tree - 5 items a day
* Coca-Cola Diner - Coca Cola for 25np
* Meridell Rubbish Dump - 1 item a day, generally junk, but you make a couple NP out of it :)

By this point you should have the following

* 1 piece of omelette
* 1 piece of jelly
* A Full Pet on all free food
* 5 items from the money tree
* 1 item from rubbish pile
* The money from the bank interest
* Any items or money that you won from misc freebies (read above)

Now its time for the second part of your day. You will need 1600-2200 NP for the second part. I personally carry around 3000 Np at all times! Withdraw that amount from your account as you will make it back very soon. Do not do the Faerieland Healing Springs until after the second part of the guide.

Do all of your timed games:

* Wheel of Excitment - 150NP - Will generally win 200 NP (50NP profit) Do mostly for Avatar
* Wheel of Monotony - 100NP - Takes a long time, so go do some laundry or something :) Do mostly for Avatar
* Wheel of Misfortune - 100NP - can Win Avatar, Money, Items or Pox (Which is good for Meuka D.o.N.)
* Wheel of Knowledge - 500NP - This one isnt always a win, its a risk but can come out really great(brightvale job coupon), Do mostly for Avatar
* Wheel of Mediocrity - 50NP - Will generally win 50 NP Do mostly for Avatar
* Test Your Strength - 100NP - Also a risk, mostly only win scary food, so you take a loss but if you are into the risk go for it.
* Scratch Card Kiosks - 600NP for Winter Kiosk, 500NP for Lost Desert, or 1200NP for Deserted Fairgrounds
* Treasure of the Black Pawkeet - 100NP - Most of the time you will lose, but I have won up to 200K NP on this
* Faerieland Healing Spring (free) - I do this after the second part because sometimes you get blasted or burnt by the wheels

Third play games. This is where your main income for the day comes from, the games listed below are fast, fun, and make good NP.

* Feature Game - ALWAYS PLAY THIS - double NP so go for it!
* Snow Wars II - 200NP per 100 points - (do not send unless score is over 500) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per Day
* Moon Rock Rampage - 125NP per 100 points (do not send unless score is over 750) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per Day
* Whack-A-Kass - 66NP per 100 points - (do not send unless score is over 1000. Check guides for tips.) - 660NP per play, 1900+NP per day
* Volcano Run - 33NP per 100 points - (do not send unless score is over 1000. Check guides for tips.) - 330NP per play, 990+NP per day
* Usuki Frenzy - 150NP per 100 points - (do not send unless score is in the 190's.) - 285NP per play, 855+NP per day
* Ultimate Bullseye - 800NP per 100 points - (I send at 50's) - 400NP per play, 1200+NP per day
* Turmac Roll - 100NP per 100 points - (dont send until at 1000) - 1000NP per pla , 3000NP per day
* Splat-A-Sloth - 200NP per 100 points - (you dont choose when to send) - up to 600NP per play, up to 1800NP per day
* Meerca Chase II - 120NP per 100 points - (dont send until at least 480) - 480NP per play - 1200+NP per day
* Extreme Potato Counter - 700NP per 100 points - (dont send until 50's ) - 350NP per play - 1050+Np per day
* Destruct-O-Match II - 35NP per 100 points - (I dont send until at least 1600) - 560Np per play - 1680+Np per day
* Faerie Crossword - 600NP per day (you can get the answers from our main page each day hehe )
* Snowmuncher - 20NP per 100 points (I dont usually send until at least 3500 points) 700NP per play, 2100+NP per day
* Pyramids - 5000NP per day ( I play until I cant get any more points :) Plus you get trophies for winning games )
* Nimmo's Pond - 150NP per 100 points - (Do not send score unless PASSED level 6, not at level 6) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per day.
* Fly Catcher - 100NP per 100 points - (Do not send score unless reached 1000) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per day
* Neverending Boss Battle - 50NP per 100 points - (Do not send score unless reached 2000) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per day Chia Bomber 2 - 125NP per 100 points - (Do not send score unless reached 800) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per day
* Castle Battles - 100NP per 100 points - (Do not send unless reached 1000) - Note that you will find it much easier to reach 1000 once you have unlocked more castles, you can then take your time with destroying each castle therefore getting more points :) - 1000NP per play, 3000NP per day
* Zurroball - 300NP per 100 points - There is a little trick to this game (no it's not cheating). Choose the Grundo ball by clicking on the spinning Grundo's badge. Now this part is sort of hard to explain, when you play, try and keep the ball just above the ground but make sure you don't let it touch it. If you are doing it right, you will hear clicking sounds. This move is called the Grounder and *i think* it gives you 10 points for every click it does (normally about 3 per hit). After about 5-10 hits get the ball over the red line so that your score is counted, then repeat. Note that this game does take practice, but it's worth getting good at since you can get 3000NP per day in less than 5 mins :)
* Also play any of the promo games out, the are really easy and fast, and give relatively high amounts of NP :)

At this point you should have made more than 36,000 NP.
(Please note that you are not allowed to create fake accounts to earn more neopoints because TNT will freeze anyone they find doing this!)

Now you will want to play Dice-A-Roo, you will lose about 500 NP doing this but you will make it back in no time. Play until your pet is bored of playing. While playing this you should receive a bunch of food items. You may also have a codestone, negg, or a piece of map from random events during play. And about once a week you may even win a jackpot or two!!!

Now the last part of your day:

If you do not have a shop yet, open one! Put the items you have won today (minus food you have fed your pets) into your shop. Check the wizard for its prices and sell em! You will make back the 500NP you lost on Dice a roo and any other NP you lost due to risk games. You should easily be able to bank 30K per day after playing other misc games and games that you are personally attached to :) or if you are a big restocker go for that as well. (My Advice for stocking Is Buy It low and Sell It high.)

Good luck in your search for riches, and keep at it.